ANOTHER HOME INVASION blog; Magnetic North 2010 Day 1 Monday June 14th, 2010

11:00 am
Hello from Kitchener-Waterloo and Magnetic North Theatre Festival. The festival has been alternating hosting cities with Ottawa since it’s inception in 2003. Not having the chance to attend when it was held in St. John’s in 2006 has always been a huge regret, one that I’m thrilled to have the chance to correct. Everything is already in full swing, since the 9th, and from all accounts everything is going great. This is my first time and I’m hoping to keep a blog tracking how it all goes.

I’m here SM’ing Joan MacLeod’s Another Home Invasion for Tarragon Theatre. Richard Rose Directs, as he has since the creation of the piece, and Terry Tweed has taken on the mantle of JEAN. The production elements have been carried over from the original production; Set Design by Scott Reid, Costume Design by Jenifer Darbellay and a Lighting Design by David Fraser which is being interpreted by Dan MacIlmoyl, who is also the TD of the piece while we mount it here and then when we move it Gananoque, ON at the Thousand Island Playhouse…more on that later. I’ve been working off of Emma Laird’s prompt script, as she SM’ed the piece in Calgary and Toronto; it is perfect and I’m looking forward to a smooth and quick tech period.

The show is in great shape. I was able to run sound cues during the rehearsal period, so the layering on of lights and audience will be the focus as we tech the show tonight and tomorrow afternoon in preparation for our Opening Performance. The crew has been working furiously since striking Homage last night and we’ll be in fine form for this evening.

A lot of friendly and familiar faces from the national theatre community milling about in the spaces, restaurants and on the streets here in the downtown.

bare stage

The Bare Stage

11:00 pm
A very long day. Terry and I (grammar is IMPORTANT) ran lines…well, she ran her lines and I followed along. Very solid and very ready for the stage. The crew (Rob, Jackson, Phil, Shane, Suzy, Jeff, Jareth & Tracy) reconfigured the space and powered through setting up audio and concluded the focus with Dan. It was a huge step, and after dinner we ran the whole show with lights and costume. Richard wandered the three sides of the thrust throughout the run. The booth is overlooking the space from House Left, so I’m watching Terry in profile at a very steep angle. It is a very VERY different experience, but I’m glad I made the perspective shift today rather than tomorrow. Media call and more rehearsal tomorrow afternoon with an audience in the evening. It will be a busy one.


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