ANOTHER HOME INVASION Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Day Two

6:00 pm
The Magnetic North team is in full swing; Janelle is our PM and juggling the upcoming Industry Pitch session tomorrow, and Ann Connors is a familiar old friend. As is Laura Nanni who Apprenticed on Past Perfect at the Tarragon; my first show with them.

It was very full afternoon. We were able to step through more levels and speaker placement notes before our photocall. We ran the piece from stem to stern with full tech, completed some cueing notes and are now able to sneak in a little break before our 9:00 pm Opening Night performance tonight. Dan has been relentlessly changing gears between troubleshooting and managing notes in LX and Audio. Terry is showing great stamina and incredible concentration. Richard is the motor; always processing and keeping us moving.

Late Late Later that Evening….
Opening went off without a hitch. I was able to run all LX & Sound cues in the early evening and Dan had a chance to refocus and refine. The show looked great and, more importantly, felt great. Terry was so very ready to have an audience to share all of her work with and it was just incredible to see it all come together for her so she could share it as hoped.
The post show was held in the Festival Bar next door and had a great chat with some other Ex-pats, Ann Connor and Robert Chafe; always a great chat.

Very relieved to have us on our feet and now it’s time to rest up during this leg of the tour before we tech it all over again in Gananoque.


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