ANOTHER HOME INVASION Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Day Three

2:00 pm
Not much to report. Spent the morning recouping from the relief of opening night, writing the show report and show laundry. Sad to miss the industry pitch, but I just couldn’t fit it in. Most workshops and panels are over with now, so I’m going to revisit the schedule to see what I can squeeze in during the next few afternoons.

The hotel is comfortable. Above the “in case of emergency…” instructions on the door there is a “Notice to Guests” that’s a little odd;

“No innkeeper is liable to make good to any guest of his any loss of or injury to goods brought to his inn, not beeing a horse or other live animal, or any gear appertaining thereto, or a carriage, to a greater amount than the sum of $40”

Glad I drove.

11:00 pm
The show went well. As always, a very different audience response than our opening night performance. Terry is getting the chance to play off of different audiences and it’s always fascinating to watch an actor give and take with an audience, especially on a piece with so much direct address.
Joan MacLeod is joining us for a post show talk back tomorrow night. Looking forward to that.


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