ANOTHER HOME INVASION Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Day Four

3:30 pm
An afternoon of exploring. I was thrilled to find a great tripod for my camera at a little pawn shop. That will give me a better chance to shoot a proper full res pano of the space before we finish up on Saturday. I’m hoping to experiment with more HDR shots; make 3 panos, one of each exposure, and then overlap them. Fingers crossed it’ll happen tomorrow.

Hoping to make it to the Science Salon this evening, but our post show talk back might squash that. Hopefully I can make it to the Joey Tremblay talk tomorrow afternoon. I haven’t been able to take anything in, since my priority has been on the show itself. Even more incentive to make time this time next year to attend as a guest.

The festival office was all a buzz this afternoon; to maintain the momentum of all these events must be exhausting. I popped in to ask a few questions and got out of their way!

10:00 pm
Another great show with an added bonus; our playwright, Joan MacLeod, joined Terry and Robert Chafe onstage for a post show talkback. Joan had just arrived before the show, so she and Terry hadn’t seen each other face to face until the talkback. They had a lovely shared moment of “thank you”.
The festival is winding down a bit, but with that comes some breathing room. The crew has been rotating from venue to venue as needed and been working incredible hours with brief turn arounds. Rob and Courtney, who have been assigned our show call, finally had the benefit of having just the show call on their plates.
A quiet night in after the show. I start prep for Master Harold in Gananoque in Monday, so I revisited that script and started to get my brain prepared for the impending double duty…


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