ANOTHER HOME INVASION Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Day Five

11:00 pm
More friendly faces in Kitchener; Shawn & Jillian at the coffee shop and Bryan, with Mag North, helped me out by finding a tripod I could borrow till tomorrow, so I’m hoping to get some more HDR shots of the theatre tomorrow at lamp check.

Master Harold prep took centre stage with my afternoon today and spent a good chunk of time ironing out some scheduling. Nigel is very organized and eager to jump in; looking forward to that.

Another performance under our belts. The invasion was very scary this evening. I’m enjoying the calling of this show; subtle and delicate cues are somewhat more rewarding than technical cues that are tied to something concrete. Feeling a cue based on, say, anticipating an impulse to move takes a different kind of concentration than, say, tying a light cue to a timing or downbeat.

Wrapping up tomorrow and heading back.  Sad to miss the final night, but Gananoque on Sunday is going to be a big day of adjustment.


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