Preview Article for “MASTER HAROLD”…and the boys

We are closing in on the end of tech.  It has been a fantastic week full of innovation, repetition and concentration.  Up next is the adding of an what is always an incredible layer; an audience.  Though we had some guests at our dress rehearsal last night, the energy that patrons add is always a shift.  Very intrigued to see how’s it is received.  Jennifer B., when I told her I would be working on this play this Summer was thrilled. “It is the perfect play.”  I couldn’t agree more; the work that Nigel, Ryan, Conrad, and Julian have carefully folded into all this is very exciting.  The world that Shawn, Adair and Dan’s have worked together to provide for the piece, with Set, Costumes, Lights & Sound, have gelled in the great complimentary way that you always hope for.

Ronald Zajac of The Recorder and Times of Brockville, ON interviewed Nigel yesterday and I provided a photo.  Published!


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