Congrats to The Company Theatre’s on their run of Through The Leaves

Having worked for Philip Riccio’s and Allan Hawco The Company Theatre on Whistle in the Dark, Marion Bridge & Festen remains a very important part of my career to date.  Sunday, October 3rd marks the closing of their latest production of Franz Xaver Kroetz’s Through The Leaves.  I was scheduled to be out of town for their run and was invited to see a dress rehearsal.  TTL marks Philip’s Directorial debut and I was thrilled with Maria Vacratsis’ and Nicholas Campbell’s  performance under his obviously watchful eye.  Adding John Thompson’s Set, Lighting and Costumes with Michael Laird’s Sound certainly lived up to the high standard The Company Theatre has set for itself.  Congrats to all, especially Stage Manager Sandy Plunkett, Apprentice Stage Manager Kat Misztal and Tarragon Extra Space Resident Technician Kevin Hutson.

In their last week of rehearsals, I visited for a morning rehearsal for a session of rehearsal photos.

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